Your local tinker

Hi I'm Russell - your go-to fixit fella on Coochie. Think of me for computer issues, car/boat/van electrics, and fiddly jobs around the house.

Many times at home when a printer is playing up or a computer needs taming or a tap needs repair, I hear the magic words "Russell fix?" - and fix it I do. I'm now offering the whole island my troubleshooting, repair and tuition skills. 

If you have run out of patience with Google and haven't had any luck with the grandkids, give me a call - I may be able to help. So far I've managed to ...

  • speed up slow laptops
  • set up various computer/phone/laptop combinations to the delight of owners
  • troubleshoot NBN connection issues
  • rewire a quad bike
  • access and replace a dead car battery (not easy when you can't open the door!)
  • install cheap and simple power window switches in car doors
  • repair and paint rotted timber window frames
  • demolish flyscreens and doors at one house - then install them in the house next door
  • install shelving
  • fix various mowers and whipper snippers

I'm having fun tackling a variety of challenges, and have many happy customers.


see my article in January's Coochie Island News, and my listing on the back - thanks Rachael!


$40 per hour. It's fixed or it's free.


📞      0423 860 848
✉️      help@russellfix.com

This article was updated on January 4, 2021